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We believe that human
health is the greatest
good in our existence. 

That’s why it is our mission
to ensure quality healthcare for all.

Lamboo Medical is a leading global provider of high-quality Mobile, Hybrid, and Relocatable Medical Accommodations. The family-owned company was founded in 1957 by Joost Lamboo. In 2019 the 3rd generation of Joost Lamboo had become the Director of Lamboo Medical. Our headquarters are located in Zoetermeer, The Netherlands.

We uphold a strong international focus, with offices and assembly facilities in The Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Within Europe, Lamboo Medical has a strong presence in the United Kingdom. For many years our mobile concept of trailers and relocatable units has been highly appreciated within the NHS and its service partners. With an installed base of more than 350+ units, we are the number 1 mobile partner for the NHS.

We believe that human health is the greatest good in our existence. That’s why it is our mission to ensure the highest quality medical care and make it accessible at any time, anywhere. We demonstrate this by delivering self-sustaining mobile and relocatable health care centres to nearby hospitals and remote rural areas worldwide. Our clients use our mobile solutions to provide treatments and make diagnostics available closer to home and within the (government-mandated) waiting time limits.

The design and unique building technique of our Lamboo Medical Sandwich Panels make our units durable in any environment, such as extreme locations like the Arctic Circle or a desert.

We guarantee an environment that enables the highest image quality of the diagnostic imaging equipment, similar to the rate when carried out at the radiology department in a self-standing hospital. The Lamboo standard is of high quality and is highly respected in the market by our customers and OEM’s such as Canon, GE, Hologic, Philips, Siemens, Steelco, and United Imaging. For that reason, Lamboo has been officially certified for CT, CT, PET/CT, Cath-Lab, and Digital mammography by all major OEM partners to install their medical systems into the Lamboo units.


Bringing healthcare
to the people since 1957.

More than 30 years of experience in the mobile medical industry.

  • 1957

    Joost Lamboo, the son and grandson of vehicle body sheet metal workers, started his coachwork factory in 1957.

  • 1985

    Lamboo Medical manufactured their first Mobile Mammography trailer for the Dutch government.

  • 2003

    Certification by OEM's and start production Mobile Medical Accommodations.

  • 2004

    Innovation design of the new glue machine to improve the quality of panel production.

Our principles drive
everything we do.

We believe that we're on this earth to provide quality healthcare
worldwide. This is how we live up to it.

Maintain quality

By controlling procedures and processes, we maintain high-quality standards. 

Because we want to create an environment of prosperity, security, and stability.


By working with a user-centric approach, we service high-end tailored healthcare experiences that fully fit the needs of our customers. 

Because this benefits quality patient care.

Think possible

By focusing on mobility, flexibility, and customization, we create Innovative Medical Accommodations that meet any situation.

Because we want to provide sustainable healthcare solutions for all, worldwide.

Work efficient

By setting limits to our flexibility, we increase efficiency and reduce the cost of ownership. 

Because of the lower production cost, healthcare is more accessible for all.

Level expertise

By leveling up our technical competencies, we demonstrate leadership and show our heritage of more than 60 years of professionalism.

Because collaboration and inspiration will thrive through quality and innovation.

Specialists in mobile
medical solutions.

Meet the people that ensure that
quality healthcare is available globally.

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Executive team

Joost Lamboo Jr.

Executive team

Sander van de Walle

Executive team

Pauline Kuiper

Executive team

Joost Lamboo Sr.

Advisory Board

Joost Lamboo Sr.

Advisory Board

Marcel Levi

Advisory Board

Jacques P.M. Kuyf

Advisory Board


Wilfred van der klauw
Global Sales Manager


John van Vliet
Sales Engineer

Production EU

Menno Looijenga
Head of Production

Production EU

Niels de Ruiter
Production Manager


Diresh Mokhamsing
Financial controller


Annemieke Mol


Rudolf Korteland
Purchasing Manager


Jan Kleiweg
Purchasing Manager


Kim Blom
Purchasing Officer


Stephan van der Horst
Head of Engineering


Marco Klein
Electrical Engineer


Henk van Eendenburg
Senior Mechanical Engineer


Gijsbert Nijkamp
Mechanical Engineer


Dennis Hurkmans
Mechanical Engineer


Dirkjan Hordijk
Mechanical Engineer

Lamboo Medical US - SVSR

Hannah Taylor
Managing Director

Lamboo Medical US - SVSR

Operations Director

Lamboo Medical US - SVSR

Joanne Rizzo
Finance Director

Lamboo Medical US - SVSR

Preston Taylor
Service Director

Service EU

Mireille Lamboo
Head of Service EU & NL

Service UK

Daan de Bruin
Head of Service UK

Service UK

Mick Smithson
Duty Manager UK

Service UK

Andrew Thomson
Service Manager UK

Service UK

Andrea Keegan
Office Manager

Embracing a clean future
as a fully green
production company.

Contributions to a better environment.

CO2 Neutral 2030

Step by step towards a sustainable future.

Lamboo Medical has the ambition to become CO2 neutral by 2030. Therefore, we have designed a sustainability programme with small and big steps such as a new green production facility in 2022 for Europe and the US. The environment is a high priority, monitored by the executive board monthly to reach set targets.


Construction weight reduction

35% lighter construction with Lamboo Medical Panel technology on GE relocatable solutions result in less fuel for transport. There will be less wear and tear on tires, less cost, material needed for foundations, and less heavy cranes with smaller engines required at the hospital site that allow for additional flexibility to move to smaller hospitals.

Recycling used materials

Fewer materials mean fewer resources needed from the environment.

Energy usage reduction

Lamboo Medical uses aircraft technology where the highest insulation is used in our Panel technology, which requests minimum energy to maintain the inside temperatures. Lamboo Medical is certified as SBEM. (Simplified Building Energy Model)

Waste reduction

The entire manufacturing process is regulated to ensure that waste is kept to a minimum. All cut-out materials are repurposed for the same project to reduce waste to a minimum of less than 2%. The waste produced, as a result, is recycled. The paintwork of the outer body is no longer necessary, which has resulted as a considerable advantage for our waste management. The outer skin is now made so that corrosion is impossible, eliminating future spray paint waste for prospective consumers.

Buyback service

Lamboo Medical initiates a buyback service for all newly delivered units. The Lamboo units can be updated to accommodate new Medical equipment after 15 years. The programme 15 + 15 years shows the quality of the build, but more importantly, saves the environment as 80% of CO2 emitted results from building new industrial products globally.

Transitioning into a fully
green production company.

The green light to begin this impactful transition.

Lamboo Medical focuses on engineering and producing its medical accommodations in the most environmentally sound way. The initiative is to be CO2 neutral by 2030 and an active programme has been implemented and reviewed by the board of directors.

There are several aspects within Lamboo Medical that are constantly monitored to achieve our goal in 2030. The selection of materials such as decreased steel and aluminium, supplier criteria, and a newly designed production plant by 2030 are the first steps taken to achieve this goal.

The production process itself is continually assessed and reviewed for the improvement of less waste. The minimum waste that is still produced is then properly recycled.