Lamboo Medical focuses on delivering high-quality medical accommodations to our customers.

The key touchpoints that establish Lamboo Medical’s 5-star Quality Label:


To what extent can the healthcare procedures and treatments be used at any time and any place?

Lamboo Medical and its customers determine the right solution to provide accessible healthcare.


To what extent does the medical environment fit your needs?

Lamboo Medical advises on the necessary options to meet all codes and regulations.


To what extent does the medical performance match the environmental circumstances?

Lamboo Medical's in-house production process is innovative, using aircraft technology to avoid "moving walls" around the Mobile MRI. Numerous other external factors impact the operation of the medical accommodation. Due to Lamboo Medical's track record of success on all continents worldwide, our team is eager to assist you in transforming the solution into a dependable medical accommodation for treating patients.


To what extent does the solution and support extend the lifespan of the medical treatment unit? 

Lamboo Medical offers the most environmentally friendly and innovative medical accommodations on the market. The 15+15 years programme is achieved with Lamboo Medical units. Clients can return their mobile medical accommodations and exchange their medical equipment after 10 to 15 years to operate the same Lamboo Medical accommodation for another 15 years. As a result, Lamboo Medical has introduced the buyback option for its clients.

Cost Efficiency

To what extent does the solution fit the calculated budget?

Lamboo Medical has the best cost of ownership over the lifetime of its units. Next to its high-quality, clients such as the Ministry of Health demonstrate uptime records of over 99% on Lamboo Medical accommodations.

ISO Certificate

High-quality accommodations, customer feedback and customer care are essential for Lamboo Medical. Our team has been ISO 9001 certified for over 15 years, and it's a part of our DNA to align customer satisfaction within our internal processes.