A relocatable MRI unit and support unit.


United Kingdom

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Relocatable MRI + Support Unit

Lamboo Medical have delivered a Relocatable MRI Philips Ingenia 1.5T + Support Unit to the Royal Cornwall Hospital Truro. The Relocatable Units are positioned as a Stand Alone Complex next to the Hospital. The sizes of the Units are as following:

  • MRI Unit 15,00 x 4,20 meters
  • Support Unit 15,00 x 3,50 meters

The Relocatable MRI + Support Unit are developed and engineered in close cooperation with both the Hospital and Philips. Before we received the official Purchase Order we had a few Meetings On Site with the responsible and involved persons on the Project. Persons who were involved are Financial Specialist, MRI Specialist, Mechanical Engineers, Electrical Engineers, Fire Officer, Local Authorities Tree Officer and Others. Together with the RCHT and Lamboo Team a final configuration was engineered with also includes Fire Rating and the unit was fitting in the Building Regulations which are applicable On Site.

The accessibility of the Complex is engineered and perfect for wheelchairs, trolleys, patients and staff. All is fitting in the local building regulations and all is approved by the local authorities.

This solution complies to our 5-star quality standard.

The qualifications within this case are specified out below.


To what extent does the solution and support extend the lifespan of the medical treatment unit? 
Lamboo Medical offers the most environmentally friendly and innovative medical accommodations on the market. The 15+15 years programme is achieved with Lamboo Medical units. Clients can return their mobile medical accommodations and exchange their medical equipment after 10 to 15 years to operate the same Lamboo Medical accommodation for another 15 years. As a result, Lamboo Medical has introduced the buyback option for its clients.


To what extent does the medical environment fit your needs?
Lamboo Medical advises on the necessary options to meet all codes and regulations.
To what extent does the medical performance match the environmental circumstances?

Lamboo Medical has manufactured the Mobile accommodation with the integration of a high insulated material which is combined with magnetic shielding. This high insulation has several advantages which help our CO2 2030 goal;

  • 15 + 15 years can be realized with this unit
  • Low energy climate systems

High insulation medical walls which request less energy.