Relocatable central sterilization accommodation.


The Netherlands

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Lamboo Medical delivers a new Relocatable central sterilization accommodation at the OLVG Hospital in Amsterdam.

For our customer Steelco we engineered and manufactured a complete turn-key CSA accommodation which included a pre-cleaning room, packing room and sterile room.

Due to our patented sandwich construction we were able to build the complete central sterilization accommodation out of one piece with a length of 18 and a width of 4.2 meters.

The extreme size of the revolutionary design has given the advantage to build the CSA unit with integrated special AC-system with clean air Hepa filtration and water purification system.

Therefore the complete unit with Steelco sterilization equipment can be fully tested and commissioned in our production facility.

This has the advantage that the installation of the CSA unit at a hospital site can be done in the short time frame of one day.

The Lamboo Medical relocatable accommodation is designed to comply to the special clean air and pressure – overpressure requirements in each individual room.

Lamboo Medical arranged this first of a kind CSA unit including transport and craning on site.

This solution complies to our 5-star quality standard.

The qualifications within this case are specified out below.


To what extent does the medical performance match the environmental circumstances?
Lamboo Medical's in-house production process is innovative, using aircraft technology to avoid "moving walls" around the Mobile MRI. Numerous other external factors impact the operation of the medical accommodation. Due to Lamboo Medical's track record of success on all continents worldwide, our team is eager to assist you in transforming the solution into a dependable medical accommodation for treating patients.

Cost Efficiency

To what extent does the solution fit the calculated budget?
Lamboo Medical has the best cost of ownership over the lifetime of its units. Next to its high-quality, clients such as the Ministry of Health demonstrate uptime records of over 99% on Lamboo Medical accommodations.
To what extent does the medical performance match the environmental circumstances?

Lamboo Medical has manufactured the stand alone accommodation with the integration of a high insulated materials This solution has several financial advantages:

  • Using less energy due to the high insulation.
  • Innovative air-recovery climate system which uses less energy.
  • A life time of 15 + 15 years can be realized with this unit.
  • Low cost for installation on site at the hospitals and laboratories.
  • Using less fuel during transport because of the low weight of the unit by using our light weighted sandwich construction.